LuteMix, Eye care, 60 softgel capsules, PhytoPharma

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LuteMix is a nutritional supplement that contains a combination of high quality nutrients that help maintain your good vision. 

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LuteMix, Eye care, 60 softgel capsules, PhytoPharma
LuteMix, Eye care, 60 softgel capsules, PhytoPharma

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features: Light is important for us, but can also be harmful. If the eye does not have adequate protection, light creates harmful free radicals, which can seriously damage the cells in the eye. This can lead to impaired vision. Smoke, pollution and even our diet ( hydrogenated fats, alcohol) can create harmful free radicals. The body produces its own antioxidants to suppress these free radicals, but also relies on the addition of natural antioxidants in our diet for complete protection. Good nutrition is important to keep your eyes healthy throughout their lives. Lutein and zeaxanthin are plant carotenoids that are not synthesised of the human body and must be obtained through food. They are contained in many leafy green plants and colourful fruits and vegetables. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the two main components of the macula of the retina. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only carotenoids found in both the macula, and the eye lens, and have a dual function - act as powerful antioxidants, and help to form a protective layer, which filters the light and maintain the function of photoreceptors in the macula. Beta-carotene is found in carrots, peppers, pumpkins and many other fruits and vegetables with orange, yellow and red, and green leafy vegetables in a dark green colour. Passed in the body of a molecule beta-carotene form two molecules of retinol, as the body converts only as much of it as he needs. Beta-carotene / provitamin A / helps to protect the membrane lipids and other substances from oxidation, which occurs under the influence of free radicals. Provitamin A support function of the body's immune system and is essential for cell as a component of the visual purple rhodopsin. Vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative stress, which is especially important for the cells of the retina. Purpose: Food supplement is used as an aid to the diet that: - contributes to the normal visual function; - helps protect cells from oxidative combing; - helps the immune system; - contributes to the normal condition of the skin and mucous membranes; Ingredients in 1 capsule: Lutein: 10 mg Vitamin E: 10 mg α-TE Beta-carotene - 6 mg Zeaxanthin - 2 mg Suggested Use: As a food supplement for adults, take one capsule a day with a meal. Packing: 60 softgel capsules

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