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Tria Enniaria



About Us

We are, a wholesale and retail store in Cyprus with a connection and focus on, cosmetics with pure ingredients, super foods, herbs, tinctures, nutritional supplements, 100% pure bee honey and many other health-friendly products . In recent years, we have become the preferred health store in Cyprus.
 In 2016. we have served over 2500 customers through the Facebook platform. Since then, we have continued to develop, constantly adding and offering new products. www.tria999enniaria.com


The rules we follow in " S. & S. TRIA ENNIARIA TRADING LTD" :

 - We offer products with natural origin of ingredients
 - We do not offer products before reviewing company profiles and ingredients (even when certified)
 - Carefully select and try each product personally
 Avoid advertising unless it is the result of a friendly offer


Before you shop elsewhere:

 - Look at our prices - as importers we offer good prices for certified organic products, cosmetics and super foods. We carefully select suppliers and monitor the quality of products. We visit famous bio-exhibitions, creating new contacts with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.

- The offered products are available - your order will be processed on the day of receipt (for orders accepted from Monday - Friday until 15:00 h.)

1. Same day delivery to Nicosia.
2. We deliver on the next working day to other locations.


Cosmetics in " S. & S. TRIA ENNIARIA TRADING LTD" :

The companies in our portfolio are small. They are often formed as a family business, some have a bio certificate and others use natural ingredients. We also offer products without organic certification, which we have chosen because of the natural ingredients in them.
In this way, we would like to support as many people and companies as possible who create quality and clean products.



Our advice:

1. When buying cosmetics, read the instructions and check the ingredients for possible intolerance to any of them.
2. Trust your intuition and follow the rule that the simpler a formula, the better.
3. Check the products and their certificates.


We from www.tria999enniaria.com we believe that what we eat and use on our bodies affects our thoughts and minds.


With best wishes:




Naxou 12 a-b, Nicosia 1070, Cyprus


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