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Bee Pollen, natural, 100 g

Bee pollen and extremely beneficial to human health. Taking pollen strengthens the immune and respiratory system helps in case of allergies, diabetes and others. 

Package Quantity: 100 g in glass jar

Origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: 100% bee pollen 

Price: €7.49
  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ImmunityDiabetesKidneysHeartGastrointestinalColitisRespiratory system

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Bee Pollen, natural, 100 g
Bee Pollen, natural, 100 g


- 100% natural product
- Made in Bulgaria
- Powerful immunostimulant
- Suitable for adults and children

Bee pollen, also called perga or bee pollen, is a compound consisting of pollen that worker bees mix with the secretion of their salivary glands and nectar, roll it in honey and make granules (balls) 1-2 mm in size. . and weight 5-6 mg. Bees use pollen as food, to raise larvae, to produce wax and royal jelly. It is used by humans as a dietary supplement. It is important to know that bee pollen can cause allergic and anaphylactic reactions.

Bee pollen is a substance used mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This is no coincidence, as its composition is extremely rich and includes 35% carbohydrates; 20% protein; essential amino acids; enzymes; all B vitamins; beta carotene; vitamin C with a pronounced antioxidant effect; vitamin D, which is of great importance for the body's calcium metabolism and for building chitinous coatings in bees and the human skeletal system; vitamin E important for the potency of organisms. Pollen also contains trace elements, growth hormone, and other biologically active substances, the composition of which is unknown to this day.

Healing properties of bee pollen:

Bee pollen also has a healing effect. Taking it helps build the bone system. The vitamin E contained in it has a positive effect on potency. Routine strengthens blood cells, reduces bleeding, strengthens the heart, normalizes high blood pressure by affecting blood flow. Pollen is rich in lecithin, which normalizes fat metabolism and thus helps to normalize weight. Pollen is very rich in selenium, which acts prophylactically in some cancers, helps the body get rid of heavy metals.


Strengthening the immune system

Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thus strengthens the immune system. Bee pollen has antibiotic-like properties that protect the body from viruses. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect cells from the harmful oxidation of free radicals.


Respiratory system

Bee pollen is high in antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory effects on lung tissue and prevent the onset of asthma.


With allergies

Pollen reduces the presence of histamine and has a beneficial effect on most allergies. Everything from asthma and allergies to sinus problems is treated with pollen, which shows that it is effective against a wide range of diseases related to the respiratory system.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Bee pollen contains large amounts of rutin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid that strengthens capillaries, blood vessels and normalizes cholesterol levels. Its anti-clotting abilities can help prevent heart attack.


In diabetes

Bee pollen has a positive effect on people with diabetes. Its beneficial effect is that it controls blood sugar levels. Take it with honey, juice, fresh or yogurt. You can also suck the grains by putting a few in your mouth.

In gastritis and colitis

The lecithin contained in royal jelly helps relieve stomach problems such as gastritis and colitis. This enzyme improves the activity of the digestive tract and thanks to it bee pollen is famous as a cure for diseases directly related to its activity.


In case of kidney problems

Bee pollen is recommended for kidney problems because it prevents the accumulation of sand and stones, and helps to dispose of existing ones.


How to use:

The daily dose for adults is 15-20 grams of dried pollen for a period of 1 to 3 months. It is recommended to be taken at the change of seasons - in autumn - winter and spring - summer.

Children aged 3-5 years: 5-10 grams per day;
Children aged 6-12 years: 10-15 grams per day.

Bee pollen with yogurt:

1 tsp pollen is mixed with 3 teaspoons of yogurt. Leave to stand overnight and take in the morning before meals.


Bee pollen with honey:

One teaspoon of bee pollen with one teaspoon of honey is dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water (200 ml). Drink 3 times a day one hour before meals or three hours after meals.

Packaging: 100 g in a glass jar

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Respiratory system

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