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Perga is 3 times stronger than ordinary bee pollen and 9 times stronger than food supplements with pollen, which makes it an indispensable super food and a great preventive measure for humans.

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Description of the product

Perga is one of the most valuable and at the same time the least known bee products, which is why it is quite exotic to this day. The reason for this is the specific difficult and expensive production.
Perga is the food of bees for almost the entire life cycle. Much more popular is pollen, which is the main raw material for making perga from bees. But just as people do not eat wheat but eat bread, so bees collect pollen, and after transporting it to the hive, they prepare perga from it as a food supply.
Perga is 3-4 times more active than pollen. It is easier to absorb. It is easier to store. It has a more pleasant sweet and sour taste. Suitable for children and adults. It is a weaker allergen than pollen due to the fact that the pollen in it has already undergone structural changes and is partially degraded by the enzymes of honey and the lactic acid flora. Due to the presence of curative acid fermentation and flora has eubiotic properties.
The recommended daily doses for an adult, according to various authors, are from 5 - 10 and up to 30 grams, which are taken in several doses during the day, recommended - on an empty stomach. This means at least 30 minutes before a meal or at least two hours after a meal. This avoids the destructive / digestive action of gastrointestinal juices, which are released intensively during eating.
There are various recommended dosing regimens in the literature. One of them is to hold 10 daily courses of 5-10 grams per day for three consecutive months during the winter-spring and autumn-winter seasons.
In this sense, the proposed package of 10 g is the dose for 1-2 days for an adult. Doses in children are 1/3 - 1/4 of those in adults. Given the possible antigenic load, it is recommended to take 1-2-3 granules in the first days of intake, increasing the dose to 5-10 g per day.
If there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction to pollen / bee pollen, the intake should be carried out with caution, under medical supervision or limited.
Storage is at room temperature. The jar can be carried in a pocket or bag and periodically taken from it a few granules. Do not store the product in direct sunlight. Store tightly closed in a dry place.
Given that the perga is extracted from the beehives, the shape of the granules is hexagonal and the size of a beehive. The color of the granules of the mature perga is brownish, dark and resembles the color of propolis.
Finally, only in telegraphic style a few words about the composition - essential amino acids, oligomic acids, carbohydrates, flavonoic acids, vit. A, E, C, group B, D, precursors of prostaglandins and male sex hormones, trace elements. The daily needs of these vitamins are covered by the intake of 5-10 g of perga per day / depending on the weight of the host, sex, physical and neuropsychological, intellectual activity, etc.

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