Herbal Mixture №20, For Ovarian Cyst

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Herbal mixture №20 is composed of 11 herbs. Herbal mixture №20 can be used as an aid in ovarian cysts. The amount is enough for a one-month intake!


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Herbal Mixture №20, For Ovarian Cyst
Herbal Mixture №20, For Ovarian Cyst


- 100% natural product
- According to the prescriptions of the Bulgarian healer Petar Dimkov
- One month supply per pack


Bulgarian folk medicine recommends bardberry for uterine diseases, inflammation and stones in the kidneys and bladder, liver and bile diseases, pus in the urine, loss of appetite.

Lady's mantle
The herb has a hemostatic, antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory effect. Lady's mantle applies heavy menstruation, white discharge, pain in the pelvic organs, impaired ovarian function.

Bulgarian folk medicine uses Tagetes for bleeding, uterine fibroids, uterine inflammation, mastopathy, cysts. The herb has a hemostatic, antiseptic, tonic, stimulates menstruation.

The herb has a beneficial effect on uterine fibroids, tumors, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, diarrhea, liver disease, eye inflammation.

The plant is traditionally used to relieve pain during uterine contractions during menstruation and childbirth. Taken regularly in small doses, it can regulate the menstrual cycle, especially in cases of scanty or irregular menstruation.

Shepherd's purse
The herb has a hemostatic effect, lowers blood pressure, enhances uterine contractions. Bulgarian folk medicine uses the Shepherd's purse for uterine bleeding at any time except during pregnancy and before birth.

The herb is used as a painkiller and antispasmodic, eliminates spasms.

Wild liquorice
In Bulgarian folk medicine, the herb is used in uterine diseases, white flow, to accelerate labor and for the separation of the placenta, as well as as a lactogenic agent.

The herb supports the healing processes of connective tissue, epidermis and mucous membranes, strengthens the body's defenses. Horsetail has a beneficial effect on diseases of the genitourinary system.

Calendula (Marigold)
Marigold has a positive effect on the condition and functions of the gastrointestinal mucosa, skin and central nervous system. Calendula has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system.

Stimulates cell growth, accelerates healing processes in tissues, has anti-inflammatory effects, has hypotensive activity. The herb has a beneficial effect on gastric and duodenal ulcers, menstrual disorders, bleeding and more.



Herbal mixture №20 contains 200 g of dried herbs in the ratio:
- Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris L.): 15%
- Lady's mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris L.): 15%
- Tagetes (Tagetes Erecta L.): 19%
- Cinquefoil (Potentilla Reptans L.): 10%
- Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium L.): 10%
- Shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris): 10%
- Fumitory (Fumariae Officinalis): 10% 10%
- Wild liquorice (Astragalus Glycyphyllos): 5%
- Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense): 5%
- Margold (Calendula Officinalis L.): 5%
- Comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.): 5%


Method of preparation:

Add 2 tablespoons of the herbal mixture in 500 g of hot water and soak for 10 minutes. Strain and drink 150 g 3 times a day before meals.

Store in a dry, ventilated, protected from direct sunlight.


Packing: 200 g

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