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Vitamin C and Zinc, Niksen, 60 suction tablets

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Vitamin C and Zinc in convenient form - suction tablets. Suitable for adults and children over 5 years.
EAN Code: 3800207375010
Package Quantity: 60 tablets
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: view description
Shipping Weight: 0.050 kg
  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    AntioxidantEyesJoint pain, bones and muscles

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Vitamin C and Zinc, Niksen, 60 suction tablets
Vitamin C and Zinc, Niksen, 60 suction tablets
Vitamin C offers a wide range of favourable activities to the human body. It is a powerful antioxidant and helps to capture free radicals, contributes to maintaining the health of the cells and blood vessels. Vitamin C contributes to increasing the activity of nitric oxide and helps in proper functioning of the platelet. It supports the body defence system and contributes to enhancing the function and activity of white blood cells, and facilitates the increase of the interferon levels in the antibody response and also the secretion of the hormones by the thymus gland. In addition, this antioxidant contributes to the formation of lymphocytes. It supports the formation and maintenance of intracellular basic substance - collagen, which in turn is essential for joint health. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells, and for the conversion of folic acid to its active form. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy bones, cartilage, skin, teeth and gums.

Zinc is a metal that belongs to the group of "basic trace elements". Small amounts of zinc are needed for human health. Zinc is necessary for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body. It occurs in several systems and biological reactions, plays a vital role in protein synthesis and helps to regulate cellular generation in the immune system of the human body. Zinc is found mainly in the strongest muscles of the body and is found in particularly high concentrations in white and red blood cells, retina, skin, liver, kidneys, bones and pancreas. More than 300 different enzymes in the body need zinc to function properly.


Content of 1 tablet:
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid): 200 mg
Zinc Citrate - 16.5 mg (Zinc ++ 5 mg)

Excipients: sweetener - sorbitol and sucralose, microcrystalline cellulose, modified starch - wheat, flavoring: tangerine, magnesium stearate and talc.

Suggested Use:

For children 5 to 12 years: 1 tablet daily.
For adolescents and adults: 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Hold the tablet in your mouth until it is completely absorbed.

Dietary supplement! Do not exceed the recommended daily intake! The product is not a substitute for a varied diet! Store in the original package, out of the reach of children!

Packing: 60 suction tablets

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Joint pain, bones and muscles

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