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Apricot kernel oil, cold pressed, 100 ml

Cold pressed apricot kernel oil. Natural source of Omega-9 fatty acids. Suitable for direct consumption and cosmetic purposes.

Package Quantity: 100 ml

Origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: Apricot kernels oil

Price: €10.50
  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ImmunityEyesRespiratory systemHair loss and dandruffSkin
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Apricot kernel oil, cold pressed, 100 ml
Apricot kernel oil, cold pressed, 100 ml


- 100% natural product
- Pure, cold-pressed apricot kernel oil (Prunus armeniaca)
- Natural source of Omega-9 fatty acids
- Free of alcohol and solvents
- Free of gluten, cholesterol and trans fats
- Suitable for direct consumption and cosmetic purposes
- Vegan product

Apricot oil is extracted from the nuts of the fruit of the apricot tree, scientifically known as Prunus armeniaca. Although there are different types of apricots, they have very similar nutritional profiles, as well as the oil contained in their nuts.

Apricot kernel oil is light, fragrant and delicious, which makes it a popular addition to many culinary works. Quite often apricot kernel oil is mixed with almond oil for cooking and medicinal purposes. Apricot kernel oil has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Apricot oil is extremely beneficial to health due to its high content of Omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin K and a number of powerful antioxidants such as caffeic acid and various catechins.

Omega-9 (Oleic Acid)

Zdravitsa apricot kernel oil contains 69-70% Omega-9 fatty acids. Oleic acid is involved in the composition of cell membranes and stimulates cellular receptors for LDL-cholesterol in macrophages, which leads to a decrease in the amount of the latter in the blood.

Every day our body needs Omega-9. The body's need varies between 10% and 20% of the total caloric content of the menu. In order to provide the necessary amount of oleic acid to the body, it is necessary to simply take apricot kernel oil from "Zdravnitsa".

The need for Omega-9 increases if we suffer from psoriasis or arthritis, as well as during the treatment of chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Health benefits of apricot kernel oil:

Improves respiratory health

Apricot oil is recommended to relieve respiratory distress. A small amount of this oil in the form of internal intake relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract.


Reduces inflammation

If you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation from a condition such as arthritis or gout, internal use accompanied by topical application of apricot kernel oil in the area of ​​discomfort can quickly relieve pain and reduce swelling and redness.


Potential to fight cancer

Due to the high content of antioxidants in apricot kernel oil, it is able to reduce oxidative stress on the body. According to various studies, apricot kernels contain a substance called laetrile (vitamin B17), which can be a valuable aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Each molecule of B17 contains: cyanide, benzaldehyde and glucose. Many scientists link cyanide to kill cancer cells. Vitamin B17 is a powerful immune stimulant, and an organism with a strong immune system is resistant to the influence of various viruses and harmful microorganisms. When the human body has a healthy immune system, it is energetic, strong, resilient. Vitamin B17 stimulates cell regeneration and reproduction, increases the body's natural immunity.


Cold and flu

Apricot kernel oil helps and supports the immune system. As we know, strong immunity improves our body's ability to fight infections such as colds and flu.


In anemia

Apricot oil contains a large amount of iron, which makes it an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of anemia. The beneficial effect against anemia is also due to cobalt and copper in apricots.


In case of vision problems

Apricot oil has a high content of beta carotene, which is transformed in the body into vitamin A. It is responsible for good vision. The vitamin is involved in the composition of visual purpura and the formation of skin and mucous membranes. Daily consumption of apricot oil reduces the risk of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is thought to be one of the leading causes of vision loss in adults.


Cosmetic benefits of apricot kernel oil:


Moisturizes the skin

When applied topically, the emollient properties of apricot kernel oil can help exfoliate and moisturize the skin, helping to retain moisture, which removes blemishes from dry skin and relieves inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.


Fighting acne

Acne is difficult to eliminate, but often suppressing the symptoms is the first step. Applying apricot kernel oil on the skin reduces inflammation and prevents the accumulation of sebum in the glands, thus suppressing symptoms and helping to treat the underlying problem.


Improves hair health

Direct application of apricot oil on the scalp will strengthen "weak" hair and promote the health of hair follicles. Apricot kernel oil reduces the levels of some chemicals that accumulate due to increased testosterone levels. These elevated levels lead to both hair growth retardation and hair loss. Rubbing apricot kernel oil into the scalp will reduce the inflammatory condition and eliminate dandruff.

Apricot kernel oil accelerates cell metabolism, promotes the formation of collagen. All this makes it an ideal cosmetic. It moisturizes and regenerates dry and mature skin. Apricot oil is a particularly suitable anti-wrinkle agent - not only because it helps the formation of collagen and hydrates the skin, but also because it contains natural wax, which acts like a filter. Apricot oil is a base oil for creams and masks for skin and hair. It is used successfully to nourish the hair and maintain its elasticity. It also has a beneficial effect on nails.


Apricot oil for massage

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the healthy benefits of apricot kernel oil is to simply use it as a massage oil. Apricot oil contains ingredients that keep skin healthy and supple. Apricot kernel oil has a pleasant and delicate aroma, is well absorbed and has a light texture.



100% pure, cold pressed apricot kernel oil (Prunus armeniaca).

Does not contain alcohol! Gluten free! Does not contain allergens!


Physico-chemical composition per 100 ml:

Omega 9: 69.62%
Omega 6: 23.34%
Palmitic acid: 4.28%
Stearic acid: 1.12%


How to use:

Take 1 to 3 teaspoons daily before meals. The intake of oil can be combined with water, juice, yogurt or other liquid.

Apricot kernel oil is cold pressed and does not contain additional substances, so it can be added to salads, cold dishes, desserts and more.

Zdravitsa apricot oil can be used as a cosmetic product for direct application on the skin or in combination with other vegetable oils or as an additive to various cosmetic masks, creams, lotions and more.

Packaging: 100ml. in a dark glass bottle.

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Respiratory system
    Hair loss and dandruff



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