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Natural Einkorn Wafer, nougat tahini, Vegan, 30 g

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Natural einkorn wafer is cute and fresh VEGAN challenge. Contains coconut oil, sunflower tahini, pupkin and einkorn flour. Suitable for Vegans.

Package Quantity: 30 g (1 pc) 
Origin: Bulgaria 
Ingredients: view description 
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Natural Einkorn Wafer, nougat tahini, Vegan, 30 g
Natural Einkorn Wafer, nougat tahini, Vegan, 30 g



- Sweet and fresh VEGAN challenge
- Made in Bulgaria
- Crispy bark of einkorn wheat
- Rich and light cream of sunflower tahini

Soybeans and animal fats in "Limecka" have been replaced with coconut oil and sunflower tahini. For the thickening of the cream, pumpkin flour and einkorn flour were used. Sea salt, unrefined sugar and rosemary extract are added.

100% natural product. Does not contain GMO, artificial colors and trans fats!

Packed separately, suitable for dessert in the lunch box or for afternoon delight with a cup of coffee or tea.



whole grain einkorn wheat flour (32%), unrefined sugar, coconut oil (16.8%), sunflower tahini (13.3%), pumpkin flour, cocoa powder (10-12% fat), baking soda, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, aroma, antioxidant - rosemary extract.


Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value - 511.70 kcal
Fat - 25.3 g
of which saturated - 11.3 g
Carbohydrates - 60 g
of which sugars - 27.5 g
Protein - 11 g
Salt - 0.15 g

Packing: 30 g (1 pc)

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