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Spurwort (Rubia tinctorum L.), dried root, 25 g

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Spurwort - dired root. Can be used in: kidney stones, inflammation of the renal pelvis and bladder, spleen, jaundice, improves bone formation.

Package Quantity: 25 g

Origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: Spurwort - root 

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Spurwort (Rubia tinctorum L.), dried root, 25 g
Spurwort (Rubia tinctorum L.), dried root, 25 g


In India, Africa and Southeast Asia, brooch is one of the popular medicinal herbs. It is used to purify the blood in Ayurvedic medicine.

Its root is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that is effective in treating inflammatory conditions associated with arthritis or other forms of joint pain.

Brooch root helps to deal with urolithiasis, also known as kidney stones, oxylate stones in the kidneys and bladder. In fact, the herb is also effective in treating other forms of bladder disease. It contains a large amount of ruberitric acid, which helps reduce the formation of bladder stones in the long run. In addition, the root of the herb is an amazing antispasmodic that accelerates the easy passage of kidney stones through the urinary system.

New studies also show that the brooch can increase the number of white blood cells and thus reduce the symptoms of leukopenia (a disease associated with a lack of white blood cells).

The root of the brooch stops bleeding, whether internal or external. In cases of internal bleeding, such as nosebleeds, the root can be of great help. Also, in terms of external bleeding, the herb can heal severe external wounds. For centuries, the root of the brooch has been used to stop internal bleeding and nosebleeds.

Accelerates the treatment of jaundice.

The brooch is also very effective in treating acne, skin rashes and irritation, eczema, boils. For this purpose, you can make a face mask with powdered brooch roots.

It has expectorant properties, which is why it has a beneficial effect on persistent cough.

With irregular menstruation, the brooch may be the right natural remedy. It relieves dysmenorrhea and promotes easier flow during the menstrual cycle.

It can control diabetes and regulate urination. Herbal derivatives protect the liver and also treat stomach ulcers. Strengthens the immune system and calms the mind by fighting stress and tension.

Remember that the root of the brooch should be used only under medical supervision! A powerful herb! By doctor's prescription, with medical supervision!

Brooch root - application
In case of oxylate stones in the kidneys and in the bladder, inflammation of the urinary tract, rickets, irregular (delayed) menstruation, etc.


How to use - Brooch root
1 teaspoon of roots soaked for 8 hours in 250 ml of cold water. After straining, the herb is poured with 250 ml of boiling water. After 15 minutes, the second extract is filtered. The two extracts are mixed and drunk 4-5 times a day.


Brooch cut root (Rubia tinctorum L.).


Package Quantity: 25 g

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:

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