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Nettle Herbal Tea , 20 packets

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This herb has a pronounced strengthening, diuretic and hemostatic effect. Nettle tea is used for anemia, against spring fatigue, to enhance metabolism, thanks to the high content of vitamin C, K, iron, carotene, tannins, waxes and more.


  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ImmunityTonus and energy
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Nettle Herbal Tea , 20 packets
Nettle Herbal Tea , 20 packets


It can be said that nettle is one of the wonders that nature has given us. It is known for its astringent, expectorant, tonic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Nettle is recommended as a powerful means of protection against liver, arthritis, rheumatic and kidney diseases, as well as in the treatment of allergies and anemia.

The healing power of nettle is due to its blood-purifying functions.

Nettle decoction lowers blood sugar. In addition to the urinary tract, nettle is also useful for the urinary system, as it regulates the work of the stomach. The world-famous healer Maria Treben strongly recommends drinking a decoction of nettle and gives a lot of information about the benefits of this herb.

Prolonged use of the infusion of the plant strengthens the immune system and fights viral diseases and bacterial infections. Nettle tea cures urinary tract problems. It successfully copes with sand in the kidneys and bladder, as well as in urinary retention. In most cases, the manifestation of kidney disease is associated with external eczema and severe headaches.

Nettle has also been shown to help with liver and bile problems, spleen disease (even organ tumors). The plant "cleans" the mucus in the stomach and respiratory organs, stomach cramps and ulcers. Nettle also has a great effect on the respiratory tract. The intake of tea from the medicinal plant also helps with lung problems.


Ingredients: nettle leaf (100%)
Measure: 20 pcs. x 1.5 g filter without thread / box, net 30 g

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Tonus and energy

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