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Sage leaf

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The herb is also called salvia, basilica and licorice. The Latin name is Folium Salvia officinialis (Labiatae / Lamiaceae)

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Sage leaf
Sage leaf

Description: semi-shrub up to 1 m tall with branched stems, with oblong or lanceolate leaves, narrowed at the base, with long stalks, pointed, with white veins. The younger leaves are gray hairy and the old ones are green. Flowers large, with a purple corolla, vertebrate. Blooms June - July, with a pleasant, specific smell.

Chemical composition: essential oil, alkaloids, tannins, organic substances, uvaol, paradiphenol, asparagine, glutamine, glucosides, vitamin C, phytoncides, rosmarinic acid, saponins.


internal: catarrhal gastrointestinal, liver and bile inflammations, gastric ulcers, sore throat, angina, laryngitis, intestinal gas, increased salivation, depression and fear, infertility in women, white flow, eczema and more.

Externally: for gargling and for purulent wounds and eczema. Preparation: 1 teaspoon of the herb is poured with 250 ml of boiling water, brewed for 20 minutes / for gargling the tea is prepared with 2 spoons of the herb /. It is recommended to mix with chamomile color 1: 1. It is also used for inhalations.

Usage: as a tea two cups a day, externally as a means of gargling and baths.

Note: do not use by persons with acute inflammation of the kidneys and acute cough.

Ingredients: sage leaf (100%)

Measure: envelope 50 g

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