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Smallflower Hairy Willow Stalk, 50 g

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Small-flowered willow is recognized as a powerful herb against diseases of the bladder and kidneys, various disorders of the urinary tract and is especially useful in diseases of the prostate.


  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    KidneysGynecologicalUrinary - genital systemCystitisGastrointestinalPotency and sterility

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Smallflower Hairy Willow Stalk, 50 g
Smallflower Hairy Willow Stalk, 50 g


The herb Small-flowered willow is traditionally used to treat many conditions: prostate enlargement, inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), gastrointestinal disorders, kidney and urinary disorders, rectal bleeding, menstrual disorders, cystitis, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, lesions in mouth and irritable bowel syndrome.

Small-flowered willow is an excellent tonic for the prostate
Tea made from the herb can be very useful in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In fact, herbalists recommend small-flowered willow for all prostate diseases, including prostatitis (prostate infection) and prostate cancer.

It is also useful for controlling urinary incontinence in both men and women.

It is also used in women suffering from urinary tract infections (cystitis), as it has a cleansing and antimicrobial effect on the genitourinary system.


How to use - Small-flowered willow stalk

1 full teaspoon of the herb is brewed with 250 ml of boiling water and left to stand for 30 minutes. Drink only two glasses a day - 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 cup in the evening half an hour before dinner. Tea is drunk at room temperature, without sugar.



Small-flowered willow stalk (Epilobium Parviflorum L.)


Prolonged use, over 2 months, may cause gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Urinary - genital system
    Potency and sterility

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