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Tribulus terrestris, dried stalk, Bilkaria, 50 g

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Dried stalks of Tribulus terrestris has a beneficial effcet in sexual disability, metabolic disorders, liver changes, etc. Package Quantity: 50 g

Origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris - stalk

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  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    LiverGynecologicalPotency and sterilityTonus and energy

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Tribulus terrestris, dried stalk, Bilkaria, 50 g
Tribulus terrestris, dried stalk, Bilkaria, 50 g

Grandma's teeth
Tribulus terrestris
Other names: tummy tuck, grandma's teeth, wild baskets, jealous weed, jaundice

Description: Perennial herbaceous silky fibrous plant, with 10-50 cm high stem. The basal leaves have petioles, trifoliate, with narrow linear lobes. The stem leaves are sessile. Colors are 3-4 cm in diameter, dark purple, red or pale purple. The perianth petals are curved outwards. It blooms in March-May.

Usable part: The aboveground parts (Herba Pulsatillae) are used.

Distribution: Grows in dry stony places. In Bulgaria it is found only in Vitosha and Lyulin up to 800 m above sea level. More widespread in our country is the mountain kitten, on which the perianth petals are not curved outwards.

Healing effect: It has a calming effect on the central and autonomic nervous system and a local irritating effect, causing blood to invade the irritated areas.

Attention! The herb should not be used for gastrointestinal inflammation and inflammation of the kidneys, as the strong irritant effect can exacerbate the disease and worsen its course!

Grandma's teeth - dried stalk

Application: aid for impotence, metabolic disorders, liver changes, etc.

Preparation: 2 teaspoons of the herb are boiled for 3 minutes in 500 ml. water. The strained decoction is drunk chilled twice a day.

Externally: rinses 2 times a day with white flow.

Packaging: 50g.

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Potency and sterility
    Tonus and energy

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