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Lemon grass essential oil 10 ml

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Antiseptics, analgesics, soothing skin eczema, antidepressants, antioxidants, antibacterials, sedatives, rejuvenators, sedatives, menstrual cycle stimulants, blood circulation stimulants, cellulite, diuretics, carminoids, diarrhea, carminoids,

For headaches, flu, colds, bronchitis, coughs, infections, sore throats, laryngitis, fungi, acne, anxiety, fatigue, decreased concentration, muscle pain, tired legs, arthritis, bruises and sores, sores, sores, sores.

Bioherba Lemongrass pure essential oil Bioherba 10ml

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Pure essential oil 10ml
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ImmunityAntioxidantNeurosisSleepGynecologicalJoint pain, bones and musclesRespiratory systemSkinMemory and concentrationTonus and energy
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Lemon grass essential oil 10 ml
Lemon grass essential oil 10 ml
Main properties: tonic, refreshing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, antidepressant, soothing, deodorizing, haemostatic, temperature-reducing, immunostimulating, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-cellulite, pore-compressing, bactericidal, antifungal, insecticidal. Impact: Removes cellulite, tone skin, tightens skin after dieting, improves blood circulation, balances skin sebum secretion, acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, warts, fungi, abundant sweating, cuts and wounds. Relieves tired and sick legs and purifies lactic acid, regains muscle tone, injuries, bruises, arthritis, ideal oil for athletes. Protects against viral infections, flu, cold, bronchitis, sore throat, headaches. It purifies, refreshes, deodorizes and neutralizes unpleasant odors, insects, lice and ticks.
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Joint pain, bones and muscles
    Respiratory system
    Memory and concentration
    Tonus and energy

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