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Apricot nuts 500 g.

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Apricot kernel - a magical berry in a well-closed box, brings its undoubted benefits together with the integrity of the tree. It is known that apricot fruits, bark and kernels have various healing effects on human health known for millennia. They are extremely useful because of their high content of valuable minerals and omega fatty acids, and especially because of the very popular and the object of long-standing dispute amygdalin substance, often called vitamin B17.
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Apricot nuts 500 g.
Apricot nuts 500 g.
Amigdaline is composed of two molecules. One is bendaldehyde and the other is cyanide. This cyanide acts like a cancer cell poison - like chemotherapy, but it does not damage healthy cells.

Already 3,000 years ago in China, they treated the tumors with bitter almonds that contained significant amounts of amigdaline. In 1830, Lebig chemist isolated vitamin B17 and called it amigdaline, and 122 years later - in 1952, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr, an American biochemist, managed to extract vitamin B17 in the purest and most concentrated form and called it - laetril. It is precisely in this form used to treat cancers in clinics around the world that apply natural methods of treatment.

In 1994, Dr Binzel published the results of a large-scale 17-year study of oncology patients. It is impressive that 138 people of the doomed 180 cancer patients treated with vitamin B17 have remained alive all these years.

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