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Diatomaceous earth, dietary supplement, 250 g

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Diatomaceous earth is an excellent source of silicon for the human body. Diatomaceous earth cleanses the body, improves metabolism, strengthens nails and hair.
EAN Code: 705105214214
Package Quantity: 250 g
Origin: USA
Ingredients: 100% diatomaceous earth
Shipping Weight: 0.255 kg
  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ImmunityConstipationEyesJoint pain, bones and musclesGastrointestinalBlood PressureRespiratory systemSkin

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Diatomaceous earth, dietary supplement, 250 g
Diatomaceous earth, dietary supplement, 250 g
Diatomaceous earth Perma-Guard
Natural amorphous silicon

Diatomaceous earth is a exoskeletons of unicellular algae diatoms (a type of phytoplankton). Formed like sediment in lakes and seas. Amorphous diatomaceous earth Perma-Guard comes from freshwater deposits in New Mexico, USA and has a unique quality and purity. It contains no more than 1% crystalline silica.

Diatomaceous earth, adopted by water is reacted with the gastric juices, resulting in the formation of the biologically active orthosilicic acid, which is easily absorbable by the body. Diatomaceous earth Perma-Guard has all the necessary certificates in the US, Canada and Europe, affirming it as a foodstuff.

In the EU, has been admitted as an additive in the production of food for infants and young children.

Useful properties of diatomaceous earth:

- A perfect source of assimilable organic silicon;
- Cleanses the body from intestinal slag;
- Healthy hair, nails;
- Healthy joints, cartilage, connective tissue;
- Corrects metabolism;
- Slim;
- Neutral Ph.

The amorphous diatomaceous earth is a natural source of silicon

Part of the exoskeleton of diatomite metabolized in the digestive system, changing the chemical form of silica (silicon dioxide) in a biologically active orthosilicic acid. The latter is crucial for the whole organism:
- Reduce back pain and joints;
- To increase vitality, immunity and wellbeing;
- Reduce skin problems (psoriasis, rash);
- Decreased arthritis;
- Improves the adhesion of wounds;
- Protection against diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
- Reduce food allergies;
- Prevents the increase in blood pressure;
- Eliminate constipation;
- Decreased insomnia;
- Improves the adhesion of bone fractures.

How to use:

Start by taking the morning on an empty stomach one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth Perma-Guard stirred in a glass of water.

Gradually increase the dose until you reach two equal tablespoons of diatomaceous earth glass of water.

Diatomaceous earth can be taken continuously. For children, the dose is one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth per cup of water.

Packaging: 250 g (50 daily doses)

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Joint pain, bones and muscles
    Blood Pressure
    Respiratory system

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