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Bay essential oil 10 ml

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Refreshes, soothes and erotisized. It has analgesic effect. Ideal for use in hair masks or directly rubbing the hair roots - there strengthen the hair and hair loss action.
  • Appropriate for:
    Normal hairDry hairGreasy hairDamaged hairDyed hair
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
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Bay essential oil 10 ml
Bay essential oil 10 ml
Depending the purpose of te essential oil, you can use as: For cosmetic purposes In the shampoo and balsam for hair and body - 6-8 drops In the lotion and emulsion for the body - 4-5 drops Massage In pure vegetable oil (50 ml)-10-15 drops Bath-tube In one tablespoon milk or honey – 10-20 drops Inhalations, sauna For inhalation, incenses for the fireplace and in the water for the sauna– 6-8 drops Compress In small amount of water – 2-3 drops Keep out from children. Response of 14АТ 12. External use only.
  • Appropriate for:
    Normal hair
    Dry hair
    Greasy hair
    Damaged hair
    Dyed hair
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:

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