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Biological wine from aronia (5% al.) - 500 ml.

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Organic wine of aronia is obtained from the fermentation of 100% organic aronia fruit. The wine is rich in vitamins and beneficial substances, and its alcohol content is only 5%.

- a powerful antioxidant;

- speeds up metabolism;

- releases the digestive tract;

- loads with energy.
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Biological wine from aronia (5% al.) - 500 ml.
Biological wine from aronia (5% al.) - 500 ml.
What is organic aronia wine
The organic drink from the aroma is a 100% natural product of a Bulgarian producer whose composition consists only of the fruits of the aronia. They are grown in Bulgaria with care both for the health of the consumers and for the state of the environment.

We believe that nature best cares for our well-being. That's why we chose to present only the best quality products with natural ingredients. The benefits of the aronia are innumerable, but among them is a high content of vitamins, among which vitamin P. It helps the smooth functioning of the circulatory system by strengthening the walls of the blood vessels. Bulgarian folklore often associates the wine with the power of blood and the flow of energy. Well, organic aronia wine is an embodiment of this metaphor.

Besides excellent taste and many vitamins, the aronia also has another substantial benefit for the body. It incomparably stimulates metabolism and rapid digestion. This makes the organic beverage of the aronia excellent nutritious. Therefore, it is best to consume it after eating. You can enjoy it with dessert or alone. Just remember to bring her always chilled to highlight her fresh taste.

Useful enjoyment
The alcohol content of the aronia bio wine is only 5%. It therefore helps digestion in a completely harmless way when consumed in reasonable quantities. Fruits of aronia are one of the most powerful antioxidants we know. They neutralize the free radicals and purify the body from them. In addition, aronia greatly enhances the immune system through its incomparable anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. And last but not least, let's not forget that its benefits to digestion are undeniable. This means that the Aronia wine is the most effective remedy against the feeling of weight after eating. Especially in the evening, this feeling can disturb sleep and cause serious discomfort. Instead of drugs, however, we can handle it quickly and harmlessly with the help of organic aronia wine.

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