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Aronia, dried fruits, Zdravnitza, 100 g

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Dried aronia fruit is a powerful antioxidant, it boosts memory, works favorably in hypertension, viral infections, constipation, anemia, etc.
  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    ConstipationNeurosisJoint pain, bones and musclesBlood Pressure
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Aronia, dried fruits, Zdravnitza, 100 g
Aronia, dried fruits, Zdravnitza, 100 g
Aronia is a compact shrub, reaching a height of 2.5 - 3 meters, with shiny, not jagged leaves. Its fruits are small blue black grains, which in the form of miniature apples.

Useful properties:

Aronia belongs to the superfoods group. Drinking of dried fruit is useful:
- as a source of antioxidants with a very high concentration of Vitamin C, iron, etc .;
- for physical and mental stresses;
- to strengthen memory and concertation;
- in hypertension;
- for viral and bacterial infections;
- in chronic constipation;
- in lipid exchange disorders;
- for urinary tract infections;
- in anemia.


To prepare an elixir drink for adults.


dried fruits of aronia .

Method of preparation:

to 400 ml of boiling water add 2-3 tsp of dried fruits. Leave to boil on a soft heat for 6 minutes, then saturate for 15 minutes. Drain and drink the liquid within one day, and eat the fruit after squeezing.

Pakcing: 100 g

  • Can be used by:
  • Beneficial effect on problems with:
    Joint pain, bones and muscles
    Blood Pressure

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