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Chia, seeds 200 g

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Chia seeds are a gluten-free food suitable for daily consumption. It has a low caloric value, but creates a lasting feeling of satiety.
Product code: 9991205
Packaging: 200 gr.
Origin: Paraguay
Ingredients: Chia seeds
Weight: 0.210 kg.
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Chia, seeds 200 g
Chia, seeds 200 g

- 100% natural product
- does not contain gluten, suitable for daily consumption
- low caloric value

Chia or chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. whose seeds are ready for consumption without having to be crushed and can be stored for a long time without rancidity. one serving of chia seeds provides 1/3 of the required daily dose of fiber. Due to their high content of omega-3 and fiber, they can help if we want to lose weight, as they saturate for a longer time and help the body eliminate unnecessary toxins.


One of the outstanding qualities of chia is its hydrophilic properties - it has the ability to absorb water more than 12 times its weight. its ability to retain water helps prolong hydration. fluids and electrolytes provide the environment that sustains the life of all cells in the body. their concentration and composition are maintained so as to remain as constant as possible. by eating chia seeds, you retain moisture and regulate more efficiently the absorption of nutrients and fluids by the body. the electrolyte balance is preserved as the body fluids are utilized more fully.

as a source of protein, chia is digested and assimilated very easily by eating. this results in rapid transfer to tissues and utilization by cells. this easy absorption makes chia very effective when there is rapid tissue development, mainly during periods of growth in children and adolescents. also helps in the growth and recovery of tissues during pregnancy and lactation, as well as the recovery of muscle tissue in athletes, weightlifters, etc.
Another unique quality of chia is its high fat content - it is the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia has approximately 3 to 10 times the fat concentration typical of most cereals and 1.5 to 2 times the protein concentration. these fats, unsaturated fatty acids, are essential (essential) fats that your body needs to dissolve and absorb fat-soluble vitamins a, d, e and k. Chia seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, which the body cannot synthesize on its own.
Good for the kidneys - the small seeds of chia (chia) have the ability to absorb huge amounts of water. in principle, their intake requires pre-soaking for at least 10 minutes; during this time they can increase their volume 9 times. this process continues even after the seeds enter the body - so the body retains and releases excess fluids and this facilitates kidney function.
Chia for gastritis and ulcers - pre-soaking of chia (chia) is mandatory to avoid irritation of the gastric mucosa. If the seeds are prepared properly, they form a gel-like mass in the stomach. this organic gel protects the gastric mucosa and prevents the activation of diseases such as gastritis and ulcers. chia (chia) facilitates the excretion of toxins and toxins and balances intestinal peristalsis. nutritionists remind that for this reason the seeds should not be consumed unprepared.
In case of thyroid problems - nutritionists recommend that in case of weakened thyroid function - hypothyroidism, to activate it by consuming chia seeds (chia). eat chia (chia) from time to time - this will balance the work of the thyroid gland, increase energy intake and block dangerous inflammatory processes in its tissues. This is especially important when it comes to autoimmune disease hashimoto. As we know, the incorrect "activation" of the immune system against one's own tissues and cells plays a decisive role in it. the intake of chia allows control over these processes and alleviation of the condition.
Chia against constipation - we have already talked about the property of chia seeds to absorb large amounts of water. this turns the mass of seeds into jelly, which performs protective functions for the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. improves peristalsis and saves from constipation. it is believed that the intake of chia seeds clears the intestinal walls of retained slag. thus the tract is healed, the condition and elasticity of the intestines are improved.

nutritional value per 100 g:

energy value: 486 kcal / 2035 kj
carbohydrates: 42.10 g
of which sugars: 0.00 g
fiber: 34.4 g
fat: 30.7 g
of which saturated: 3.47 g
unsaturated: 27.23 g
protein: 16.5 g
salt: 0.00 g


chia seeds (semen salvia hispanica)


gluten-free food suitable for daily consumption. has a low caloric value, but creates a lasting feeling of satiety. gives strength and tone.

instructions for use:

for adults 1-2 tbsp. per day, for children 1 tbsp. per day, pre-soaked for 40 minutes in water, juice or milk.

packaging: 200 gr.
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