Sunflower tahini, roasted sunflower seeds, Traditzia, 300 g

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Sunflower seed tahini reduces bad cholesterol, removes free radicals from the body, an excellent source of vitamin E and selenium.

Product code: 91771795
EAN Code: 3800229360322
Package Quantity: 300 g
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: Sunflower seeds
Shipping Weight: 0.550 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Children, Vegetarians, Vegans


- 100% natural product
- Prepared by roasted sunflower seeds
- Delicious and healthy product for young and adults

Sunflower seeds support the health of the human. They contain both unsaturated fatty acids and valuable proteins. Sunflower seeds are a light, but highly effective and hungry product.

Useful properties:

- Reduces bad cholesterol levels;
- Excellent source of linoleic acid;
- Rich in vitamin E;
- Removes the free radicals from the body;
- Excellent source of selenium.


100% sunflower seeds, hulled, roasted and ground.

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy value: 2807 kJ / 680 kcal
Fat: 61 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 5 g
Carbohydrates: 20 g
of which sugars: 2 g
Protein: 21 g
Salt: <0.20 g


For direct consumption. Stir before use.

* For prolonged storage, grease is produced on the surface of the jar. This is a guarantee for the pure composition of the product.

Packing: 300 g in glass jar

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