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From New Zealand


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         Packed with nutrients, barley grass offers a wide assortment of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids beneficial for the body. It is a nutritional powerhouse that helps strengthens the immune system, boosts energy and stamina, fights cancer cells, reduces harmful cholesterol, removes toxins, aids digestion, promotes bone and dental health, prevents anemia and fatigue, supports proper kidney function, reduces inflammation, has anti-aging properties, maintains skin health and skin elasticity, and helps normalize blood sugar levels. Barley grass has one of the most balanced nutrient profile of all green plants.

              The farms,  on which SANTE BARLEY'S  product is grown,  are all certified organic and have been so for many years. This means our barley grass is grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Additionally, the Canterbury region is considered one of the cleanest and least polluted regions of the globe.


1. ON DIABETES - Pure Barley Grass helps lower blood sugar 

2. ON CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES AND HIGH CHOLESTEROL- Pure Barley Grass helps lower bad cholesterol                                   levels

3. ON BLOOD CIRCULATION-  The alcaloid, HORDENINE, in barley grass,  is thought to stimulate blood circulation

4. ON CANCER AND WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM- Pure Barley Grass protects against dreaded disaeses such as canser                                 and helps strengthen the immune system

5. ON GASTROINTESTINAL CONDITIONS- Pure Barley Grass helps relieve various gastrointestinal conditions

6. ON DIGESTION - Pure Barley Grass aids digestion by improving the production hydrochloric acid in the stomach

7. IMPROVES COLON HEALTH - Pure Barley Grass is thought to accelerate gastrointestinal transit, which helps to                                   remove wastes from the body more quickly.

8. ON INFLAMMATION - Pure bBarley Grass acts as a free radical scavenger that reduces inflammation and pain

9. ON AGING - Pure Barley Grass has one of the highest natural levels of enzyme SOD, which is a powerful                                              antioxidant that protects the cells against toxic free radicals,  thought to be the primary cause of                                aging. Because Barley Grass is said to build and repair cells and tissues, it is thought to be good                                  for skin rejuvenation, improved skin, nails and hair.

10. ON ARTHRITIS AND PAIN- Pure Barley Grass helps with arthritis and pain

11. ON TOXINS - The " Chlorophyll" is a natural detoxifier that rids the intestines of stored toxins.

12. MINIMIZING BODY ODOR - Barley is considered one of the green grasses that have been shown to counteract                                bad breath and body odor, stop bacterial growth and combat yeast fungi

13. ON RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS - Pure Barley Grass is believed to help loosen and expel phlegm and                                             congestion. The Grass is beneficial in cases of asthma, coughs and bronchitis

14. ON ACIDITY - Pure Barley Grass is naturally alkaline


  DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Empty one sachet of Sante Pure Barley into one glass of cold water, juice or  to your morning smoothie. Stir well and enjoy. Consume at least one sachet per day.










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