Elfdock (Inula Helenium L.), dried root, 50 g

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Elfdock (Inula Helenium L.) - dried root. It can be used for: anemia, ulcer, gastritis, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal cancers, hemorrhoids, etc.

Package Quantity: 50 g 
Origin: Bulgaria 
Ingredients: Inula Helenium L. - dried root 
Shipping Weight: 0.060 kg 


Inula Helenium L.

Perennial herbaceous plant with thick, short, fleshy rhizome and long brown roots. Stems are 100-150 cm tall, branched at the top.

The herb grows in damp shady places in the forests, riverside shrubs and along mountain streams, often up to 1,000 m above sea level, mostly in the eastern parts of Bulgaria.

The herb has an anti-inflammatory, anti-cough and soothing effect on the mucous membrane; Suppresses the functions of the bronchial glands. Applies to coughs of different origins; In gastric diseases (gastritis, ulcer), in painful and absent menstruation as an adjunct to liver and bile sufferers.

In Bulgarian folk medicine the herb is used for gases, acid in the stomach, difficult urination; Inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, whitening, dizziness, headache, seizures, rapid heartbeat, inflammation of the prostate.

Inula Helenium L. - dried root

It can be used for: anemia, ulcer, gastritis, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal cancers, hemorrhoids, painful menstruation and skin diseases.

Method of preparation: 2 tablespoons of herb neck 5 minutes into 400 grams of water. Striking. Drink three times a day 120 grams before eating.

Pakcing: 50 g

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