Sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.), dried root, 30 g

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Sweet flag - dried root. It can be used for: gastric diseases, colon polyps, flatulence, sexual weakness, rheumatism, enlarged liver, etc.

Package Quantity: 30 g 
Origin: Bulgaria 
Ingredients: Sweet flag - root 
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Sweet flag
Acorus calamus L.

It is seen as a plant growing from the wetlands along the rivers in Sofia and Kazanlak, Bulgaria. It is widespread in many areas of Asia and in the Atlantic North America.

Ruminants that are released early in the spring - April - May or in the autumn - September, October. After peeling, they are peeled, cut into pieces up to 10 cm long and dried in the shade. The dried herb is pale yellow on the outside, but white inside, with a pleasant smell and bitter taste.

The herb contains essential oil, bitter glycoside acrylic, alkaloid calamine, tannins, vitamin C, starch, mucus, resin, etc. Tannins and essential oil are found in the leaves.

Sweet Flag - dried root

It can be used for: gastric diseases, colon cancer and polyps, flatulence, appetite, sexual weakness, irregular menstruation, rheumatism, enlarged liver, gallstone disease, chronic cholecystitis.

Method of preparation: 1 teaspoon of the herb soaked for 12 hours in 200 g of cold water. Drain and drink one sip before each meal.

Packing: 30 g

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