Cocoa Butter, Natural, Raw, 120 g

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Raw Cocoa Butter gives the skin a healthy and even tan, strongly hydrates and regenerates the skin, makes it smooth and soft.

EAN Code: 3800232541961 
Package Quantity: 120 g 
Origin: Germany 
Ingredients: 100% raw cocoa butter 
Shipping Weight: 0.150 kg 
Suitable for: All skin type 


- 100% natural product
- Raw, cold-pressed cocoa butter
- For beautiful skin and healthy tan

Cocoa butter is widely used in the cosmetics industry as well as in a number of spa treatments. Cocoa butter is a component of a number of lotions and creams.

Purity and natural origin make cocoa butter suitable for use even during pregnancy. Lotions and oils that contain cocoa butter are also applied in aromatherapy massages, helping to relax the body completely, reassure and create a good mood.

Useful properties:

It has been scientifically proven that rubbing cocoa butter into the skin contributes to the creation of silky softness, reduces stress levels, and can even increase the immune system.

Cocoa butter is recommended for treating skin problems such as stretch marks, eczema and dermatitis.

Cocoa butter also contains fatty acids:
- stearic acid 34%
- oleic acid 34%
- palmitic acid 26%
- linoleic acid 2%
- other saturated fatty acids 4%.

The main beneficial effects of cocoa butter on the skin, which is why it is used in cosmetics are:
- gives the skin a healthy and even tan
- Strongly hydrates and regenerates the skin, makes it smooth and soft;
- complements the shortage of vitamins and minerals in the skin, gives elasticity;
- has an active effect on the deletion of stretch marks and scars;
- restores the natural glow of the skin;
- smooths the wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones;
- helps to overcome inflammatory processes without allergies;
- Makes a natural solar filter and prevents moisture loss and pigment spots;
- has antioxidant action and neutralizes harmful radicals.


100% raw, cocoa butter


For dry and sensitive skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.


Raw cocoa butter has a slightly stiff consistency. In contact with the skin it immediately melts.

Cocoa butter is applied directly onto the skin and rubbed with gentle, circular movements. The cocoa butter is absorbed instantly.

Cocoa butter is also suitable for sensitive skin as it naturally nourishes it and helps to retain moisture in it.

Packing: 120 g

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