European cinquefoil (Potentilla Reptans L.), dried herb, 30 g

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European cinquefoil has a beneficial effect on uterine myoma, hemorrhoids, stomach and intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, liver diseases, etc.

Package Quantity: 30 g 
Origin: Bulgaria 
Ingredients: European cinquefoil - dried herb 
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European cinquefoil
Potentilla Reptans L.

The herb grows out of damp meadows, dirty places and peat bogs, but also on rocky places in the foothills and mountain belt of all Bulgarian mountains.

Perennial herbaceous plant with straight or underlying, branched and hairy stems, 1530 cm tall. The roots are usually short and thick, dark brown outside and red on the inside.

The herb contains the glycosides tormentin and tormentol, quinic and ellagic acid, up to 35% tannins (mainly catechins and catechinic phalphenes), gummy substance, essential oil, wax, starch, etc.

European cinquefoil - dried herb

Can be used in: uterine fibroids, tumors, hemorrhoids, stomach and intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, liver disease, eye inflammation. Outer: burning, wet eczema and white stream.

Method of preparation: 2 tablespoons of the herb soaked for 10 minutes in 400 g of hot water. Draining. Drink four times a day 100g before eating. Prepared in the same way is used externally.

Packign: 30 g

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