Vinegar from Aronia - Organic / BIO - 500 ml.

  • Brand: Aroniada
  • Cat No: 9991908

Organic aronia vinegar that boils with vitamins and bioflavonoids and has a strong antioxidant and strengthening effect.

About product:
Biological natural aronia vinegar

It is obtained by natural fermentation of 100% juice, cold pressed from fruit aronia, which are biologically grown. Vinegar is determined by the natural concentration of indispensable bioflavonoids (flavon, anthocyanins and catechins), among other natural vitamins (B1, B2, C, etc.) as well as bioactive substances. It is this powerful strength and antioxidant effect.

Ultra high concentration and very low acidity are the factors that help its optimal absorption by the body.

Method of use of organic vinegar from aronia:
It can be used to flavor dishes and salads or as a drink: 1 tsp diluted with water and sweetened with fruit juice or honey.

- a powerful antioxidant;

- rich in bioflavonoids and multiple vitamins;

- Enhanced body effect.

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Suitable for:
Adults , Children , Diabetics, Vegetarians, Vegans