• Brand: Tria Enniaria
  • Cat No: 010113

Propolis contains vitamins , essential oils, mineral salts, trace elements, hormones and enzymes. It is a resinous substance with brilliant dark yellow to brownish-green. Freshly removed from the hive is a soft, sticky mass. Flavor, physical and chemical properties depend mainly on the type of plants. Propolis has a pleasant fragrance of plant buds, honey and wax, slightly bitter and pungent taste and discolor upon prolonged storage. In combustion emits a pleasant smell of resin, and when heating quickly softens and becomes easy to handle. At room temperature, it solidified, and at - low becomes brittle. Typically melts at 80-105 ° C. It is important to know that propolis from different geographic regions may have different chemical composition and thus to exhibit some differences in biological activity. This bee product with unique qualities for life in the beehive and in use in medicine . Bees use it as an embalming agent, such as a disinfectant suitable for disinfecting the air in the hive. Propolis dissolved slightly in water, and more preferably in organic solvents. Its solubility in ethyl alcohol is 70-80%.

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