Acacia honey

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With its specific soft aroma, very pleasant taste, and its very slow crystallization, the acacia honey is one of the most preferred. The largest amount of acacia honey is produced in Northern Bulgaria. Tree acacia is well-known, blooms in May-June depending on altitude, its colors are white, large and grape-like with a strong aroma.
In Bulgaria there are several types of acacia, but the most common is Robinia pseudoacacia L. and the largest quantities of acacia honey are collected. The acacia tree is well known. Acacia grows very fast. It reaches a height of up to 25 m and up to 100 years old. The acacia honey is one of the most expensive honey on the market, this is because small amounts of this potion are harvested and beekeepers' costs and risks are quite high. Favorable natural and climatic conditions for the collection of acacia honey in northern Bulgaria are rare, on average once every 4-5 years. It is necessary to have moisture for the separation of nectar. The richness of fruit sugar, the slow

its crystallization, its organoleptic characteristics, as well as its lower pollen content, are only a small part of the benefits of honey. Honey is suitable for children, diabetics, bile problems, insomnia. It is recommended for gastrointestinal problems because of its fructose content but in moderate amounts. Acacia honey also acts soothing to the nervous system. Honey is not a regulated remedy, but the daily dose of 60-100g. is normal for the body to get the necessary carbohydrates. Acacia honey is quickly absorbed by the carp in very few cases causing allergic reactions, so is so preferred by all. Honey is generally a wonderful healing and nutritional product in combination with other foods.

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