Bean pod

  • Brand: Bioprogramme
  • Cat No: 021004

Description: 1 year old plant. The leaves are complex, triple, with ovate, full-length, short-pointed leaves. The flowers are white or pink, gathered in nocturnal inflorescences. The fruit is up to 20 cm long beans with kidney or elliptical seed in the pods. Blooms June - July.
Chemical composition: contain amino acids, piperacillin acid, choline trigonellin, traumatic acid, allantoin and others.
Use: mild diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels (under medical supervision). The diuretic action of bean pods is used in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the urinary tract, edema, fluid retention, mild hypertension, and the like.
Usage: 120 ml. Before eating 4 times a day.
Preparation: 2 tablespoons of herb are poured with 500 ml. Water and boil for 10-15 minutes.
Ingredients: Bean pod (100%)
Measure: envelope 25 g

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