Hop cones

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The Latin name of the herb is Humulus Lupulus.
Description: Hops are a herbaceous plant with long (3 to 6 meters) rust-covered, short-curved stems. On the inside of the conch-like colors are found essential oil - glands. It grows in wet places in bushes and deciduous forests, mostly along rivers all over the country up to 1000 m above sea level. Blooms in May - August.
Application: internal: sand and gallstones, gastritis, neurosis, painful urination, inflammation of the prostate gland, climacteric complaints, painful menstruation. The herb has a pain relieving, antispasmodic, nervous, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and sleeping action.
External: bruises, burns, inflammations, painful edema, rheumatic, arthritic and gout pain, baldness.
Preparation: 1 tablespoon Herb pouring with a glass of boiling water. After cooling, the infusate is squeezed out and swallowed in the evening. With hair loss, rinse hair without rinsing.
Usage: internally: as a 250 ml infusion at bedtime; Outward: in the form of paws and compresses.
Note: Prolonged use, or use of large doses of the herb is not recommended. It should not be taken for angina, myocardial infarction, stroke. It is not recommended for driving or breastfeeding, as it may reduce lactation.
Ingredients: Hop cones (100%)
Measure: envelope 50 g

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