Flax seed

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The herb is also called ordinary, domestic or cultural flax. His Latin name is Sperma Linum.
Description: An annual herbaceous plant with a bare cylindrical stem, branched at the top, up to 1 m high. Colors large, sky blue, gathered in a broom at the top of the stem. Seeds flat - elliptical, light brown, shiny, smooth, odorless. Blooms in June - July.
Chemical composition: Linseed oil (glycerides of linoleic, linolenic and oleic acid), mucous substances (contained in the seed coat), proteins, carbohydrates, glucoside, linnamarin (fermentation to hydrogen cyanide), sitosterol, mineral salts, lysine, proline, enzymes lipase, protease, diastase and linamarase.
Application: cough, shortness of breath, chronic constipation, colon asthma and obesity, atherosclerosis, difficulty urinating, sugar disease, inflammation and stones in the kidneys and bladder, stomach and intestinal inflammation and pain, inflammation of the throat as a softening agent in inflammation of the respiratory tract, burns, boils.
Use: as cleansing - twice a day 250 ml before eating; such as tea (for inflammation) for drinking and gargle.
Preparation: 1 teaspoon of seed mixed with 1/4 liter of cold water for 1 hour. It is drunk before eating. Outer: crushed and mixed with hot water smeared on gauze is applied in the form of paws. Mixed 1: 1 with protein (or lime water) - wounds from burning.

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