Rosehip fruits

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The herb is also called a wild trendafil, cannula, or pincers. The Latin name is Fructus Rosa canina.
Description: Wild shrub with long, green and brown stems, up to 3 m long. The leaves are bare, non-chiffony, 5-7 leaflets with short handles, elliptical, jagged. Both the stem and leaf stem are covered with spikes. Colors are collected 3-5, pink. The fruit is shiny, bright red, fleshy, with yellowish solids inside.
Chemical composition: Contains vitamins, especially vitamin C, B, K, P, minerals, fruit acids (citric and malic), essential oils, sugars, pectin, flavonoids, tannins, nicotinic acid.
Application: internally: hypovitaminosis, nephritis, stomach cramps, bleeding, bloody diarrhea, anemia, exhaustion of the body.
It also has a firming action. The rich content of vitamins and carotene promotes regeneration of tissues, hormone synthesis and increases the elasticity of the capillaries and enhances eye activity.
Usage: inside as a potion and infusion. Three cups of tea a day.
Preparation: 1 - 2 teaspoons of fruit with 1/4 l of water, boil for 20 minutes. As a polyvitamin in the following form: 1 liter of water boils for 1-2 minutes, add sugar and 30 grams whole hips. Vary 5-10 min.
Ingredients: Rosehip fruits (100%)

Measure: envelope 100 g

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