Fruit hawthorn

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  • Cat No: 020702

The Latin name is (Fructus Crataegi)
Description: Hawthorn is a shrub or tree, up to 5-6 m high, with leaves consecutive, branches prickly and form a dense crown. In the spring it blooms with white flowers. The fruits are red in color and with egg-shaped, fleshy and coarse stone.
Chemical composition: Flavonoids (more than 15 flavonoid compounds - eg hyperoside, quercetin, vixin, rutin, ramonide, etc.), carotenoids, catechin tanning substances are contained in the glutinous drug.
Application: for heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, insomnia, breast fatigue, nervousness, hypertension and cholesterol reduction.
Use: Drink 150 ml half an hour before eating three times a day.
Preparation: 2 tablespoons of fruit are boiled in 450 ml of boiling water. It remains to boil 2-3 minutes. After allowing to stand for about 1 hour, the potion is squeezed.
Note: Hawthorn preparations do not result in a decompensated heart! Self-medication of heart disease with drugs is not recommended.
Ingredients: fruit hawthorn (100%)
Measure: Envelope 100 g

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