Fleviya, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, 30 tablets

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Flevia positive influence in pain and heaviness in the legs, varicose veins, peripheral edema and hemorrhoids.

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Package Quantity: 30 tablets 
Origin: Bulgaria 
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Suitable for: Adults 


What is Fleviya?

Fleviya is a concentrated extract from the bark of wild orange (Citrus aurantium) rich in flavonoids diosmin and hesperidin, which are similar to vitamin P action and strengthen veins and capillaries.

Fleviya has a beneficial effect on vascular disorders - varicose veins, hemorrhoids, edema and lymphatic stagnation.


Substances in one tablet: – 496 mg flavonoids (diosmin - 448 mg, hesperidin – 48 mg), Vitamin С (L-Ascorbic acid) - 14 mg

Fleviya for varicose veins?

Diosminat and hesperidinat contained in Fleviya protect veins.

With Fleviya will reduce runoff and pain in the legs, and the number of visible varicose veins.

Fleviya accepted usually 2 tablets a day - morning and evening.

The positive effect occurs on the first week, but the results are maximum if intake continued two months.

Fleviya for hemorrhoids?

Fleviya has a positive effect on acute and chronic symptoms of hemorrhoids. Taking a single tablet Fleviya BID relieves symptoms for less than 4 days. In more serious conditions Fleviya intake can be increased to 6 tablets per day during the first two days and then 2 tablets daily until symptoms subside.

Packing: 30 tablets

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