Stevia, dried, cut leaves

  • Brand: Zdravnitza
  • Cat No: 9991429

- 100% natural product - dried herb
- Sweetened by Glucosides without sugars
- Suitable for people with a reduced sugar intake


A product of natural origin that sweetens through glycosides without containing sugars. It is suitable for general use, with a recommendation for people who are on a low-sugar diet.

Ingredients: Stevia (Folia Stevia Rebaudiana), dried, cut.

Method of preparation:

For cold extraction:
1 tsp. pour 500 ml cold water. Leave it for 8 hours. Straighten and drink within a day.

For infusion:
1 tsp. pour 500 ml hot water. Leave it for 30 min. Straighten and drink within a day.

General use:
You can add to coffee, tea, smoothies, and other as a sweetening ingredient.

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