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Blueberries leaf (blackberry, boletus, blackberry). Folium Vaccinium myrtillus (Ericaceae) or Folium Myrtilli
Description: retail, up to 40 cm high, branched shrub, with leaves nude, light green, elliptical. Fruit bluish-black, juicy, with numerous seeds.
Chemical composition: tanning substances, flavon glycoside, vitamin C, provitamin A; Urzanol, oleanol and quinic acid; Glucoquinone that reduces blood sugar, up to 7% arbutin, which helps with urinary tract infections, diabetes and disorder.
Application: internal: gallstones and kidneys, diabetes, anemia, dysentery, gas. Externally: inflammation of the gums, gargle with bad breath, hemorrhoids, burns and skin diseases. It has a burning, appetite-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.
Preparation: 2 tablespoons of leaves are poured with 1/2 l of boiling water, soak for 2 hours and strain.
Usage: internally: 1 cup of tea before eating three times a day. Gargle tea should be more concentrated.
Ingredients: bilberry leaf (100%)
Measure: envelope 50 g

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