Leaf Senna

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The herb is also called mother sheet, cassia, senemic. The Latin name is Folium Cassii Angustifolia Vahl or Folium Sennae.
Description: small shrubs, up to 1m high. The leaves are complex, the pair are 2-3 cm long; The colors are yellow, in inflorescences. Cultivated.
Chemical composition: The leaves contain anthraquinone glycosides - sesnoside A, B, C, D, renine and aloe - emidine, flavonoids, kempferol and isramentil, mucus, resin and bitter substances.
Application: internally: in chronic constipation and hemorrhoids.
Preparation: 1 tablespoon of leaves are boiled in 300 ml of water for 5 minutes. After cooling, the teaspoon is drained before ingestion.
Use: decoction, 1 cup one hour before bedtime. The effect usually occurs 4-5 hours after taking the potion.
Ingredients: Leaf Senna (100%)
Measure: envelope 50 g

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