Peppermint leaves

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Latin name: Folium Menthae piperitae. (Labiatae / Lamiaceae)
Helps to relieve symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, headache caused by nervous tension. Favors the liver and pancreas, as well as the normal functioning of the digestive system without flatulence.
Use: 1-3 cups of tea a day.
External: for nervous disorders, rheumatism, for gargling and rinsing the mouth.
Preparation: 1-2 tablespoons brew with 250ml boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
Note: peppermint tea is not recommended for prolonged use. Excessive use of peppermint essential oils leads to irritation of mucous membranes and allergic reactions.
Ingredients: peppermint leaves (100%)
Unit: bag 50 g

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