St John's Wort

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The herb is also called grandmother, bitter or bile. Latin name Centaurium erythraea.
Description: Two-year-old herbaceous plant with right stem, up to 40 cm high; With leaves opposite, seated, elliptical, all-round; With flowers large, pinkish red, gathered in inflorescences. Blooms from June to September.
Chemical composition: Bitter glucosides - gentisicin (stimulates bile and liver activity), gernicansin (possessing anthelmintic properties), erythramine, flavonoids, nicotinic acid, amarogenin, essential oil, vitamin C.
Application: internal - for gastrointestinal, biliary and liver diseases, hepatitis, viral infections. As a means of stimulating the release of gastric, gallbladder and pancreatic juice, appetite - stimulating and improving digestion. Reduces temperature in feverish conditions (malaria).
There is proven anthelmintic action. Externally: for eczema, warts, hard healing wounds, etc. Skin diseases.
Preparation: Infusion: One tablespoon of sliced ​​herb is poured with 450 ml of water (dose for 1 day).
Use: 3 times 1 cup a day 1/2 hour before meals. Outside: Mixed with olive oil (1:20) for 20 days, for spreading wounds and boils.
Note: Do not apply to stomach ulcer and pregnancy.
Ingredients: St John's Wort (100%)
Measure: envelope 100 g

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