Fumitory herb

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The herb is also called a rabbit-tail, bitter grass, or non-grass. The Latin name of the herb is Herba fumariae Officinalis.
Description: Perennial herbaceous plant with a hollow, hollow, highly branched stem. Leaves complicated pesto cut, bluish-green. Colors purplish red, small, collected in clusters of racemose, with a two - lipped cup with 4 petals. Blooms April - July.
Chemical composition: Contains about 1% of isoquinilic alkaloids (protopin and cryptopin), fumaric acid, fumarin, mucus, phytosterols and others.
Application: internally - in case of abnormal formation and release of bile, gall stones and bile colic. The herb has gallbladder, spasmolytic and pain-relieving action. It is also used in intestinal (weakness) intestine, decreased appetite, tuberculosis. Externally: in skin lichens, eczema, dermatitis, hemorrhoids.
Usage: internally: in the form of cold extraction to 3 cups a day.
Outside: in the form of paws.
Preparation: 2 teaspoons of herb are poured with 500 ml of cold water, left to soak for 8 hours and strain (dose for one day). The remainder of the straining is used for warm paws.
Attention: the plant is pungent! Admission may only be made by doctor's prescription!
Ingredients:Fumitory herb (100%)
Packaging: 70 g bag

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