• Brand: Bioprogramme
  • Cat No: 020905

Tincture of Bears Garlic influences favorably on the circulatory
and cardiovascular systems, contributes to normal blood pressure and cholesterol.
Stimulates the immune system and balancing the intestinal flora.
Recommended daily intake: Take 3 times per day 20 drops
dissolved in 100 ml of water before meals.
Ingredients at a recommended daily dose: 20 drops contain 200 mg of active substance of Bear`s garlic leaves / Allium ursinum /.
60 drops contain 600 mg of active substance from Bear` garlic leaves / Allium ursinum /.
Contraindications: Must not be taken by people suffering from epilepsy, gastritis
or gastric ulcer. Do not use if the person has hepatitis, pancreatitis or cholecystitis.
Not recommended during pregnancy, lactation and for children!
The product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet!
If you are taking medication, consult a doctor before using the product!
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Storage Conditions:
Store in the original container at room temperature, protected
from heat, light and moisture place!
Keep out of reach of children!
Ingredients: Water-alcohol tincture from the leaves of the plant bear`s garlic / Allium ursinum / ethanol (70 vol%).
Packing: 20 ml. bottle

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