Milk vetch herb

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  • Cat No: 020211

The Latin name of the herb is Herba Astragali glycyphylli.
Description: Perennial large herbaceous plant with a highly branched stem, with ribbed, leafy twigs. Leaves with short handles, nonchipoptereres with 4-8 pairs of ovate leaves. Colors of yellow-green gathered in inflorescences. The fruit is 3-4 cm of sickle-curved beans with smooth seeds.
Chemical composition: contains triterpenic saponin glycerin, bitter substances, sugars, flavonoids, proteins, organic acids, sterols, vitamin C, mineral salts and others.
Application: internally: for hypertension, coronary disease, cardiovascular insufficiency. The herb has a diuretic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory action. It is used in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, in radiculitis and joint diseases, inflammations of the stomach and intestines, irregular menstruation and uterine diseases and to increase the milk of nursing mothers.
Use: internally: in the form of 100 ml extract. 3 times a day.
Preparation: 2 teaspoons of the herb are poured with 300 ml. Water, allow to soak for 1 hour and to drain (dose for one day).
Ingredients: Milk vetch herb (100%)
Measure: envelope 70 g

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