Chelidonium herb

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The Latin name of the herb is Herba Chelidonii.
Description: Perennial herbaceous plant with short root and strongly branched stem reaching up to 90 cm high. The leaves are blooming, the flowers are yellow, collected from 2 to 6 in inflorescences. The plant contains orange milk juice. Blooms in May - June.
Chemical composition: alkaloids (about 20 species, mainly chelidon and berberine, chelerythrin, sanguinarin, cryptonin, etc.) Heliodic acid, aeteric oil, methylamine, saponins, flavonoids, organic acids of which heliconic and melonic acids, vitamin C and others.
Application: internally: in liver and bile diseases (chronic hepatitis, sand and gallstones), gastric diseases (gastritis, ulcers, colitis), kidney disease. The herb has an antispasmodic, painkiller and biliary effect. External: for treatment with fresh milk juice of warts, corns and hard healing wounds.
Preparation: 2 teaspoons of the herb are poured with 300 ml of boiling water, left to soak for 1 hour and strain.
Usage: internally: in the form of 100 ml infusion 3 times a day.
Ingredients: Chelidonium herb (100%)
Measure: envelope 50 g

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