Тribulus herb

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Latin name: Herba Tribulus terrestris
Application: sexual disorders - impotence, increase libido in men and women with infertility, as well for practitioners in fitness and bodybuilding. For women in menopause; reduce cholesterol.
Use: internal under the form of decoction is accepted under the scheme.
Preparation: in 1 l of water are placed 5 tablespoons of the herb. The mixture boil for 1 hour, then have to be strained and make up to 1 l., then kept for 24 hours in a refrigerator. First day drink 3 times 3 tablespoons after meals. Second day drink 3 times 4 tbsp. Third day drink 5 tablespoons and this dose is retrieved to the end. After 10 days dosing can be repeated.
Ingredients: tribulus herb (100%)
Packing: bag 100 g

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