WALNUTS 500 g.

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Nuts are considered by many experiments for the most useful nuts as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E, P and B, on minerals and high-quality proteins. These nuts are high in amino acids tryptophan, antioxidant and phytochemical ellagic acid and fiber.

Minerals in the largest doses are magnesium, iodine, copper, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iron. Nutritional values ​​of 100 g of nuts are 654 kcal, 65 g of fat, 16 g of protein and 14 g of carbohydrates. Because of the fatty acids in its composition, walnuts are an indispensable aide in the fight against cardiovascular diseases - they protect against heart attack and atherosclerosis, normalize blood pressure, lower the bad and increase the good cholesterol in the blood.

Very often people resemble the shape of walnuts with that of the brain - they are very beneficial for it because of the omega-3 acids and proteins in their content. In addition, nuts strengthen bone, and antioxidant substances are thought to reduce the risk of breast cancer. For men, the benefit is mainly in terms of their ability to increase sexual activity - experts recommend a handful of walnuts a day, best crushed and mixed with some butter and honey. Walnuts protect against anemia, kidney stones and thyroid disease, as they contain a lot of iodine, especially if they are fresh.

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