Altaic Mumio, Purified, Food supplement, 10 g

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Altaic mummy is an ancient "miracle balsam", it is juice from the rocks. People have for centuries called it "the blood of the mountain".

EAN Code: 618661956200 
Package Quantity: 10 g 
Origin: Russia 
Ingredients: 100% Altaic mummy, purified 
Shipping Weight: 0.040 kg 
Suitable for: Adults 


Altaic mummy is an ancient "miracle balsam", it is juice from the rocks. People have for centuries called it "the blood of the mountain". This substance from old times is used to treat various diseases.

It is found in hard-to-reach rocks, caves in the form of pendants accumulated on the ceiling of the cave leaking from the cracks of the rocks. The color of the Altai mummy is dark brown and is a sticky mass softening from the warmth of the hands. It has a resinous specific odor and dissolves in water with a little sludge, the taste is bitter.

Mummy contains 28 chemical elements, 30 macro and trace elements, as well as 10 different metal oxides, 6 amino acids, a range of vitamins B12, P-167, B1 and others, essential oils, beeswax, resinous substances, each Of which it is capable of influencing the respective metabolic processes in the body. It enhances regenerative processes in different tissues, acts as an anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, generic, restores the reduced functions of peripheral nerve centers or the brain's analysis centers. It is positively involved in the biosynthesis of DNA cells.


Recommended as a body for strengthening the body, a biologically active food supplement. It supplies the body with microelements, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, P, essential oils, organic acids, amino acids.


100% Altaic mummy, purified

Suggested Use:

Depending on body weight:
50 kg - 0.1 g
51-71 kg - 0.3 g
71-81 kg - 0.4 g
81-90 kg - 0.4 g
up to 90 kg - 0.5 g

Take the solution in water, 15-20 minutes before a meal.

Packing: 10 g

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