Essential oil Black pepper 10 ml

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  • Brand:: Hristina
  • Cat No: 9991615
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Antimicrobial action, stimulates blood circulation and digestion and strengthens the immune system. Anti-cellulite effect by addition to external cream. Directions for use: For aromatization of premises - Directions for use: Add a few drops of butter to 10g. water and gently warm the mixture. For cosmetic use- Shampoo and conditioner for hair and body 6-8 drops In lotion and body emulsion - 4-5 drops Massage In pure vegetable oil (50 ml) -10-15 drops Bath B 1c. spoonful of milk or honey - 10-20 drops Inhalation, sauna Inhalation, aroma fireplace and water in the sauna - 6-8 drops Compresses In a small amount of water - 2-3 drops. Keep out of reach of children.

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