Boswellia (Indian frankincense), clay, Zdravnitza, 100 g

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Contemporary studies fully confirm the herbal properties as a powerful remedy for muscle and joint pain due to arthritis, osteoarthritis and other.

EAN Code: 3800232541077 
Package Quantity: 100 g 
Origin: India 
Ingredients: 100% Boswellia - clay 
Shipping Weight: 0.110 kg 
Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans 


- 100% natural product
- Clay from Indian frankincense - Boswellia
- Does not contain additives or chemical substances
- Vegan Friendly

Boswellia is a plant that occupies a prime place in Ayurvedic medicine and is honored for its enormous health benefits. Boswellia is a large tree that produces aromatic resins, from which we get the main effects of this plant.

Contemporary studies fully confirm the herbal properties as a powerful remedy for muscle and joint pain due to arthritis, osteoarthritis and other rheumatic diseases as well as respiratory and digestive disorders.

The effect of Boswellia is due to the high content of allantoin in it, which is distinguished by its ability to stimulate the formation of new and healthy cells in the affected tissues. In addition, boscellic acids successfully block the synthesis of leukotrienes. These are hormone-like substances, which are one of the main factors for the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

Boswellia helps for good mobility and flexibility of joints, stimulates cartilage tissue, has beneficial effects on connective tissue, tone muscles, improves blood supply in the affected areas.

Health Benefits:

Boswellia is distinguished by several health benefits that are scientifically proven and justified:
- has anti-inflammatory properties and the use of Boswellia has no side effects;
- relieves joint and muscle pain as a result of arthritis, osteoarthritis or other rheumatic diseases;
- has a beneficial effect on connective tissue and sensibly improves mobility without causing stomach discomfort;
- has a powerful analgesic effect, stimulates cartilage tissue, helps restore blood vessels;
- has antispasmodic properties that relieve colitis, gastritis, cough and asthma;
- rejuvenates the skin by inducing cellular regeneration;


100% Boswellia - clay /Boswellia serrata/.

Suggested Use:

1-2 tsp. daily, taken with yogurt, before a meal.

Packing: 100 g

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Suitable for:
Adults , Vegetarians, Vegans
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