Original Canadian Maple Syrup

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Environmentally friendly product. 100% guarantee of quality and origin. Directly from Canada.

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Origin: Canada 
Ingredients: 100% maple syrup 
Suitable for: Adults, Children 


The Native Americans were the first to recognize the sap as a source of energy and nutrition. They would use their tomahawks to make V-shaped incisions in the trees. Then, they would insert reeds or concave pieces of bark to run the sap into buckets made from birch bark. Due to the lack of proper equipment, the sap was slightly concentrated either by throwing hot stones in the bucket, or by leaving it overnight and disposing with the layer of ice out which had formed on top. It was drunk as a sweet drink or used in cooking. It is possible that maple-cured bacon began with this process.

The original Canadian maple syrup consists essentially of sucrose and water, organic acids. It also contains amino acids, a wide variety of volatile organic compounds. Still, however, is not known exactly which compounds give the characteristic taste of maple syrup.

The original Canadian maple syrup is a natural food product made by heating the concentrated pure maple resin.

The original Canadian maple syrup contains: potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese.
Potassium helps maintain energy volume of cells and provides permanent protection of the heart.
Calcium is essential for bone health.

Original Canadian maple syrup contains: Niacin; vitamins B5, B2, B6; folic acid, biotin and vitamin A.

The original Canadian maple syrup is used for:

- Pancakes, waffles, French toast
- The consumption of ice cream and yoghurt
- Sweeten coffee or tea
- Substitute for sugar when baking
- Flavoring cakes and pastries
- Flavor dishes and salads, grapefruit, cereals, muesli

Using original Canadian maple syrup is not limited in these situations. Use your imagination and thus you will find that it improves the taste of many foods.

The maple syrup is used in nutrition to cleanse the body and reduce the weight. It is an ingredient of the famous "Maple syrup diet".

Do you know...

The original Canadian maple syrup has the same calcium content as whole milk.

The original Canadian maple syrup can be freezing-unfreezing without losing its properties.

Only a few places in the world have the right climate for the production of maple syrup and maple products: The southern part of Quebec and Ontrio - Canada, New England, New York and Michigan.

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Suitable for:
Adults , Children 
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